DECEMBER 20, 2018 – JANUARY 31, 2019

Certain kinds of light have little to do with our reality. They pass right through things like a hand through water. The light we can see bounces off surfaces like a rubber ball, pretty blunt. Although it’s not a coincidence that after you kick a wall you can see the black mark left by your shoe, an enlightened attitude might experience both the sight and the pain as a metaphor for the relatively low-resonance emotion of anger, knowing that in a higher state of being you would otherwise experience yourself rising up through the ceiling and away from conflict, out of earthly material disagreements between people, out of our embeddedness in the experience of spacetime.

Certain kinds of lives have little to do with reality. I have no idea what I mean by this. But on the other hand, it seems true. If reality is the average of experience, some lives are farther outside of this. I dislike the attitude that artists should push social boundaries, always be pushing. I think I myself had this attitude until a year or so ago, and would not write in this tone if I didn’t just read an interview with Karl Lagerfeld. Why not be humble, in addition to being interesting? We are here on earth, all more or less doing the same things. Some people live by a doctrine of pushing back against bourgeois life, or also against the brutality of mainstream culture. I was like that, until yesterday. Now I think, better to just worry about people and enjoy them, than to criticize.

Being nothing like Karl Lagerfeld I have been afflicted by all kinds of things and now simply want to be married.